Stories, experiences and guides from a developer who tries to build stuff ¯\_(ツ)\_/¯

Thats how I would describe this blog in one sentence. I, as every developer or programmer, often work on some project either work related or for fun. There is no surprise that a lot of wows, ughs and (mostly) arghs come along the way in every project I build or contribute to.

To make others (or myself?) feel less miserable while struggling with trying new technologies, frameworks and languages I started to write about my mistakes and experiences. You can find guides, code examples, stories and other pieces of what my head produces alongside this exciting journey which being developer most definitely is! Hope you enjoy reading these posts and if you like (or dislike) it feel to tell me at hajnyon@gmail.com.

You can also experience building this blog in the first post.


Hi there! My name is Andrew and I’m author of this blog. I like sports, pc games and computers. I like to build things. I don’t like to fail and ironically this blog is mostly about failing. So enjoy! You can find my projects, stack and contacts on my website.