Scrape all you can, give nothing back

I imagine that Jack Sparrow would say something like that when he would know about web scraping and crawling. All the data about ships and cargos would definitely be useful for him and his Black Pearl crew. But how would scraping benefit me? Ordinary developer who isn’t planning to steal a gold treasure? Tons of websites without public API When you are a web developer for a while and requesting restful APIs is your bread and butter you often come across some service and think to yourself “It would be really nice if I can just request these data through an API …”.
8 Nov, 2021

Questing in Real Life

Do you also like the feeling when your virtual character completes a quest and you level up? Yea, me too. Wouldn’t it be great to have quests in real life? Yea, it would. Why not imagine your tasks as quests and gain levels while tackling them? Yea, sounds good. Well let’s set it up then! As a long time World of Warcraft player I always enjoyed questing and leveling either in a group or by myself.
18 Aug, 2020

You Have No Power Here

You know the feeling when your smartphone vibrates, the LED control starts to flash and congratulations, you have lost your focus. New message, email, tweet, status, mention - you name it. The sudden urge to check whats new, what happened in the last 5 minutes since I’ve checked my phone. I hate it but can’t get rid of it. Maybe some useful tool can help? source: T-shirt EsterJosefina - I work on the phone!
4 Mar, 2020

Trying to Avoid Procrastination

Little Andrew is naively looking for the most powerful tool which rules them all. One single tool that makes him more organized, more focused on his tasks and helps him tackle daily tasks with breeze. However he struggles to find one single tool that makes him better person instantly. Getting things done seems so easy but still so difficult. Will he reach the wanted empty inbox and good feeling about finishing tasks on time?
11 Feb, 2020

Share Your Notes, If You Can

I used to study Faculty of Informatics of Czech Technical University and a lot of materials I used during studying for exams and tests was placed on web portal called It is a wiki like website run by students for students. You ask admin to create account for you and through simple verification that you are student you can enter. Then you can leverage years of collected materials, presentations, tasks, links for resources and mainly previous exams.
25 Sep, 2019

Failing Horribly Creating a Blog

One might be surprised but those who know me won’t. One day I was trying to solve a problem with some code and after few google searches I end up browsing through one blog. I don’t remember the site nor the solution I found there but one thing stuck in my mind. I need my own dev blog! “Ok, but what are you gonna write about? You are the one looking for help, you don’t have anything to share with others.
23 Sep, 2019

Synchronize Data With lftp Using GitLab CI/CD

For a lot of websites I build I use git for version control. I always used ftp client such as FileZilla to upload files to web hosting. But it gets annoying as you got more websites to manage. You have to login to ftp, click through GUI to find your folders. It is time consuming. So one day I decided to use GitLab CI/CD to build and deploy websites to web hosting.
20 Sep, 2019